Hello.. world? Universe! — My entry into Astronomy and Astrophotography

Hello Astro-world.

I was recently turned onto the world of Astronomy and Astrophotography by a co-worker (Michael Foster).  He sent me a link to his photos (click his name in the previous sentence) and I was blown away.  Like any of my new found interests, I was instantly obsessed with finding out as much as I could, and purchasing the proper gear to get started.

I solicited my employers ‘For Sale’ DL to see if I could wrangle some second hand gear to save some cash, but came up empty handed.  I did however find more astronomically minded individuals who started sharing their experience and recommendations.

I was able to borrow an Edmund Scientifics Astroscan from another co-worker for a weekend and quickly figured out I wanted a larger, auto-tracking / GoTo scope.  I was very much hooked.

As I always do.. I grew impatient with only reading about the gear and started buying the items which seemed to best suit my needs and desires.  My shopping spree landed me with the following items:

So, I started viewing… I was a little disappointed in the views of Jupiter.  I wasn’t able to see as much detail as Michael’s photos provided.  I quickly realized that I needed to do astrophotography.. for two reasons

  1. I wanted to see the details which were visible in the photographs Michael provided.
  2. I want to share what I see with others.

Another shopping spree ensued…

I was finally set to do some imaging… however, it seems there’s an astronomer’s curse.  After purchasing new gear, it’s overcast for the next X days, where X is directly proportional to the amount of $ you spent!

More to come…

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